Prof. ZHOU Lijun elected to the WLO Executive Committee

Apr 03,  2019

Prof.ZHOU Lijun, deputy dean of theCollege of Educationand director of World Leisure Center of Excellence at Zhejiang University (WLCE-ZJU)was elected to theWorld Leisure Organization(WLO) Executive Committee on April 1. The WLO Executive Committee is composed of 5 members elected by and from the Board, with a balanced diversity of backgrounds and skills representing the business, financial, academic, government and the non-...


Notice on Qingming Festival, 2019

Apr 01,  2019

Dear students and faculty: April 5th, 2019 is Qingming Festival. You will have a three-day holiday, starting from April 5th (Fri.) to April 7th (Sun.). Graduate School April, 1


Bearing the fruits of cooperation: Sino-French Master's Program celebrates its first graduating cohort

Apr 01,  2019

A graduation ceremony was held on the Zijingang Campus yesterday for the first graduating cohort of the Sino-French double degree Master’s Program in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The Presidents of ZJU, École Polytechnique, ENSTA ParisTech andTélécom ParisTechjoined together in Hangzhou to celebrate this important milestone of the program and this outstanding achievement for the 10 graduating students. During the ceremony, ZJU ...


Graduates receive degrees and inspiration at the Spring Commencement

Mar 30,  2019

A graduation ceremony was held on Zijingang Campus for the Class of 2019postgraduates on March 30.More than 2,200 graduating students gathered at the campus stadium to celebrate their big day. Prof. WU Zhaohui, president of ZJU gave the farewell speech. He inspired the graduates to be life-long learners who adapt to the digitalized learning network, future leaders who cross the disciplinary boundaries, innovators who venture...


Happy International Women's Day!

Mar 08,  2019

Today is the day when we celebrate the outstanding achievements of women. We extend our sincere congratulations to all the female faculty, staff, students and alumni of ZJU,who have been playing an active role in society and making remarkable contributions.Together, we work for a gender-equal society. Below are some news about the achievements of our empowering women. Three scientific discoveries named China's Top 10 S...


Professor of economics won the Best Advocacy Award for Rare Disease

Mar 03,  2019

In honor ofthe World Rare Disease Dayof 2019,China Charity Federationannounced six winners of the Best Advocacy Award for Rare Disease.HE Wenjiong, professor of economics at theSchool of Public Affairswon the prize for his contributions to welfare policies of rare disease at the provincial and state level, as well as his significant efforts towards increasing the awareness and understanding of rare diseases among the public. ...


Global Innovation Center set up in Xiaoshan

Mar 01,  2019

On Feb. 28, Hangzhou Municipal Government and Zhejiang University (ZJU) signed an agreement to co-establish the ZJU-HangzhouGlobal Scientific and TechnologicalInnovation Center. In alignment with the provincial innovation-driven development strategy and ambitious plan on the construction of Greater Zhejiang Bay Area, the Center is expected to play a key role in building Hangzhou into a globally known innovation hub. As announced at the ...


Three scientific discoveries named China's Top 10 Scientific Discoveries in 2018

Feb 28,  2019

On Feb. 27, 2019, the Basic Research Management Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology announced the 14th edition of China’s Top 10 Scientific Advances. The research team led by Prof.HU Hailanfrom the ZJUSchool of Medicineoffers a systematic explanation for the mechanism of depression that the bursting activity of lateral habenula neurons inhibits downstream monoaminergic reward centers and drives depression-like behaviors. T...


ZIII Tokyo Innovation Center set up

Feb 03,  2019

On Jan. 31, a new Innovation Center of ZJU International Innovation Institute (ZIII) was set up in Tokyo. ZHAO Rongxiang, director of ZIII delivered a congratulatory speech at the unveiling ceremony. He introduced Global ZJU to the guests and shared with them the achievements that ZIII has made in recent years. He expected the ZIII Tokyo Innovation Center to connect the University with Japan, thereby contributing to the docking of ...


Five ZJUers named "Innovators Under 35" in China

Jan 22,  2019

MIT Technology Review debuted its 2nd China edition of “Innovators Under 35” for 2018 yesterday. This year, three faculty members of the University, Dr.DI DaweiofCollege of Optical Science and Engineering, Dr.LI Tiefengof School of Aeronautics and Astronauticsand Dr.LU YingyingofCollege of Chemical and Biological Engineeringand two ZJU alumni, LI Dong and SHI Jianping, were recognized as top innovators in China. DI Dawei ...


ZJU moves up to No. 3 in THE Emerging Economies University Rankings 2019

Jan 16,  2019

Jumping three places from last year, ZJU makes it into the top three in the latest Times Higher Education (THE) Emerging Economies University Rankings 2019. The University has seen improvements in many aspects, especially in international outlook, teaching and industry income, according to THE. China again dominates the ranking: universities from Chinese mainland account for seven spots out of the top ten universities. Altog...


New pathway target for addiction therapy found

Jan 12,  2019

Activating a neural pathway from the Ventral Tegmental Area (VTA) to the Dorsal Raphe Nucleus (DRN) could significantly reduce morphine addiction while not affecting its analgesic effect,suggests new research led by Prof.LI Xiaomingfrom ZJU’s School of Medicine. The study, published in the January 10 issue ofNeuron,found two parallel inhibitory neural pathways from VTA to DRN: The rostral VTA (rVTA)sends more projections to the DRN...


Prof. LIU Xu elected SPIE Fellow

Jan 10,  2019

RecentlyThe International Society for Optics and Photonics(SPIE) announced the 2019 SPIE Fellows. Prof.LIU Xufromthe College of Optical Science and Engineeringscooped this special honor. Prof. LIU Xu is recognized for his remarkable achievements in the development of the first liquid crystal light vale & the large screen full color projection display in China, and the new optical engine for the liquid crystal on silicon project...


Zhejiang University defining a new era for international education

Jan 09,  2019

the Division of Global Communicationsto visit ZJU campus. During his visit he interacted with many students and faculty members on Zijingang Campus and Haining International Campus. This is the first article he wrote about his impression of the University. The consensus is unequivocal. Javid, Maddelena and Xihang Wu are effusing about their experiences of student life at Zhejiang University’s hugely impressive Haining International ...

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