ZJU ranks first in 4th China College Students' 'Internet Plus' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

The 4th China College Students’ ‘Internet Plus’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, themed on “Ride the Tide of the Era and Strive for Excellence in China”, was held at Xiamen University on October 12-15. More than 2.65 million college students from both China and abroad signed up for the competition with over 640,000 projects in total.  

Zhejiang University has clinched 2 champions and 13 gold medals in the past 4 competitions, thereby ranking first nationwide. In recent years, the university has unswervingly stressed academic research and sci-tech innovation and encouraged students to enter innovation-driven and technology-supported startups.

Winning projects from ZJU are listed as follows:

Prometheus—An Approach to High-performance Tissue Regeneration (Recommended by the College of Life Sciences and the School of Medicine)

“Prometheus” is a comprehensive high-tech team committed to research and development in 3D bio-printing and biomedical cell tissue printing. It produces a wide range of products, including light-cured 3D printers and such tissue products as immersive skins, functional livers and stem cell beads. 

Leader: ZHUANG Xinhao

Members: ZOU Qiangpi, ZHOU Feifei, ZHU Jiren, YAN Xiaoya, LOUbiying, ZHU Yuchen, ZHAO Wenjun and LI Tianyu

Instructors: OUYANG Hongwei and WU Shihua

Mind Band—Music Creation Platform (Recommended by the College of Computer Science and Technology)

“Mind Band” is an AI-based music creation platform which can be used to create music dependent on specific circumstances. For example, it can analyze such information as texts, photos and weather and create music. It can help those music lovers who are ill-equipped with music knowledge to compose music and act as a customized music diary for subscribers. It can also be applied to provide accompaniments for games or movies.

Leader: ZHENG Hanjia

Members: WU Songruoyao, REN Yufan, HUANG Yifan, LIU Hongfu, ZHANG Hui, LI Chao, CHEN Xiaoyu, DUAN Ke, CAO Yingping, ZHENG Jun, HUANG Xiaoyi, YIN Yehang, LI Canchen, YE Wei and YANG Yiheng

Instructor: ZHANG Kejun

Bangwei Tech—A Global Leader in High-performance Structural Materials (Recommended by the College of Civil Engineering and Architecture)

Hangzhou Bangwei Tech Co. Ltd. is a high-tech building material company integrating research & development, production, sales and technological services. It achieves major breakthroughs in research into the high-consistency of concrete and develops a series of highly consistent structural materials. This pioneering technology is also at the leading edge of architecture all over the world. Bangwei materials have been successfully applied to over 20 state-level and province-level key projects, including Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge and Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport.

Source: Global Communications

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