Students wins second prize at 2019 International Youth Contest of Social Anti-Corruption

The International Anti-Corruption Day, which falls on December 9 every year, is observed to raise public awareness of fighting against corruption all over the world.

On the International Anti-Corruption Day this year, four students from the Zhejiang University College of Computer Science and Technology, including SHEN Lvkesheng, LU Ziyi, XING Shuting and CAI Yu, stood on the podium at the 2019 International Youth Contest of Social Anti-Corruption Advertising “Together against Corruption!”. Their video entitled “Tango of Honesty and Corruption” won the second prize in the Best Video category.

The 2019 contest was hosted by Russia, inviting young people from member states of the Intergovernmental Anti-Corruption Council and the BRICS states. It was held in two categories: the Best Poster and the Best Video, aiming at drawing attention to corruption. The participants were requested to create social anti-corruption advertisements in video and poster format on the topic “Together against Corruption”.

In the 2-minute video filmed by ZJU students, they contrast honesty with corruption in three facets: giving a red pocket, treating somebody to a banquet and approving an official document. The official adopting an honest style of leadership receives a series of awards and certificates and thus gets promoted while the one involved in corruption winds up with an arrest warrant and a pair of handcuffs. The video ends with the closing of the “Corruption” door and the opening of the “Honesty” door, thus leaving much room for sober reflection.

In addition to the stark contrast between corruption and honesty in a concise and abstract manner, they also want to convey a kind of value and a kind of positive energy in life. As is depicted in the video, one can lead a happy and fulfilled life even if he is not rich. Only when he leads a scrupulous and honest life will he feel the beauty of life. However, once he has a stain in his clean image, he will live in the shadow of life forever.

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