ZJU Students“Zhiyuan Program”in Nisantasi University of Turkey under the Belt

Turkey is the crossroads connecting Europe and Asia and an important country along "the Belt and Road" route. This summer, the College of Electrical Engineering of Zhejiang University responded school’s “Zhiyuan Program”, selected 10 outstanding graduate students to join the project of visiting Nisantasi University in Turkey.

During the 4 weeks in Turkey, team members have academic and cultural exchange and research activities, as well as widen their horizons, enrich their knowledge, experience foreign culture, exercise ability and promote the cooperation and development of Chinese education at the same time, in the hope of giving play to the role of first-class university and contribute Chinese strength and the voice of Zhejiang University to the construction of countries along" the Belt and Road" line.

The Nisantasi campus is transformed from a three-story large-scale shopping mall, which makes the architectural style and learning atmosphere of the entire campus greatly different from the general university. The classrooms, laboratories and public areas with high proportion of modern industrial design make this school blend the rigorous academic atmosphere with the lively atmosphere properly. At the same time, Nisantasi University is committed to the integration course education and professional education, hoping to cultivate a generation of lifelong learning.

In the part of cultural exchange, members reviewed the incarnations of China's "neighborhood" policy, relived the exchanges and cooperation with China and Turkey since ancient times and conveyed that China has always advocated the peace idea of "human destiny community".

During all the arranged activities, team members express Chinese passion with Chinese flavor, spread Chinese culture with Chinese story and show Chinese power with Chinese plan. And we are hoping for a further cooperation in the future!

Source: College of Electrical Engineering

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