A taste of Cambridge in the summer

A group of 20 graduate students from Zhejiang University spent nearly two weeks in a summer academic exchange program at the University of Cambridge from July 20 - Aug. 2.

With the theme of science, engineering and humanity, they explored educational, research, cultural, natural and historic sites and joined in various activities around the town of Cambridge.

How did the students feel about this experience?

鈥淭hrough the lively, interesting and passionate presentation by Professor Malcolm Longair, I have got better knowledge of development and history of Cavendish Laboratory. The achievements and discoveries in physic were amazing, which had made great influence on science development and encouraged academics to work hard to meet the challenges in the new era.鈥

LIU Wenlong, College of Electrical Engineering

鈥淭he experience of visiting to BP Institute and Institute of Astronomy is impressive and fascinating. Prof. Andy Woods, Dr. Lydia Drumright and Dr. Rabiya Zia made the excellent speeches on the applications of multiphase fluid flow in prevention of infectious disease, which reminded us the importance of multi-discipline science.鈥

CHEN Jian, School of Medicine

鈥淎t the British Antarctic Surveyon, we were given with a segment of ice core which is more than 700 years old. We held the ice in our hand and heard the sound of bubbles blowing up as the ice melted.鈥

ZHANG Tianyu, College of Energy Engineering

鈥淚 used to think that urban planning was a kind of art with a little consideration about practicability. However, from the lectures today, I learnt that every design comes from thorough investigation and computation. What鈥檚 more, the urban design nowadays especially values sustainable and green development, not only just to satisfy the basic needs of people.鈥

ZANG Jiali, College of Information Science and Electronic Engineering

鈥淭he British Museum was the most impressive place that I have visited in the city of London. It was worth noting that some of the antiques were plundered out of China by the so-called 'western adventurers' when China was suffered from poverty and weakness a century ago. Seeing those Chinese treasures made me love my motherland more and decide to strive for national rejuvenation.鈥

CHENG Ruiqi, College of Optical Science and Engineering

鈥淭hrough the reports of these scholars (Prof. Paul Linden, Dr. Anquili and President of Marish Consulting Jaya Skandamoorthy), I deeply realize that all countries in the world must work together and help each other to cope with global threats.鈥

ZHAO Lin, College of Biosystems Science and Food Science

鈥淒r. Kun Li presented Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS), which can be of great use in laser processing, optical switch, 3D printing & imaging, and education. Dr. Matt Pryn displayed an amazing accommodation of free virtual virus and DNA molecular just around the table with the help of curved beam-splitter CAD. A tremendous 1,000,000,000,000 pixels holographic display can be reached. There was another ZJU alumni in the school, who provided more thought-provoking details about how informative light can be in holographic smart lighting, which put us into a smart future world.鈥

GU Chenlei, College of Biomedical Engineering & Instrument Science

鈥淢ore and more advanced techniques are used in painting conservation and art historical research nowadays. With the help of new instruments, we can restore the painting to what it looked like hundreds of years ago. I feel science and technology can help us see things in a more holistic way.鈥

ZHANG Xiao, School of Economics

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