The Workshop on Sustainable Architectural Design and Energy Consumption between China and Switzerland was successfully held


On July 05, 2019, a total of 12 teachers and students from Zhejiang University went to Switzerland. With about 30 teachers and students from the Department of Architecture, Southern University of Applied Science and Technology, Switzerland, and architects from the Architectural Design Institute of Zhejiang University, the second stage of a two-week Sino-Swiss joint design and research workshop was started: energy consumption simulation, indoor thermal comfort analysis and projects. Final report. On July 19, the participants successfully completed the second stage of the results defense in the lecture hall of Southern University of Applied Science and Technology in Switzerland.

Summary of Workshop 2019

Centralized working hours of Hangzhou Design Camp, China: 13 April 2019-26 April 2019

Centralized working hours in Lugano Design Camp, Switzerland: 05 July 2019-19 July 2019

Design Topic: Sustainable Building and Residential Design and Energy Consumption Research

Participating universities and institutions: Zhejiang University (ZJU), Southern University of Applied Science and Technology (SUPSI), International Design Center of Architectural Design Institute of Zhejiang University (UAD/IDC)

Participating teachers and architects: Ge Jian, Yang Yi, He Yong, Wang Hui, Wu Jindong, Menge, Nicola Probst, Francesco Frontini, GiusiFrancesca Mombelli, Desmond Loren Delanty

Subject Setting

Students are required to build a low-carbon community on a canal base of about 30,000 square meters. Each basic residential unit requires students to determine the type and composition of internal residents. Through appropriate adjustment, the climate conditions and living habits of Lugano and Hangzhou can be satisfied. On the premise of satisfying passive energy-saving design, residential and basic residential units take into account the use of renewable energy and meet indoor thermal comfort conditions. Hangzhou Phase Workshop focuses on the conceptual planning of residential areas, the design and expression of building functions, forms and energy-saving strategies. Lugano Phase Workshop will deepen and improve the pre-design, while focusing on demonstrating the feasibility and energy-saving strategies, and then adjust and optimize the building functions and forms according to the results. When refine the node sample.

Course organization

This design workshop will mix the students of two universities into five groups, each group of 3-4 people, the working language is English. Design workshops are time-intensive, fast-paced and task-intensive. During the work, the students carried out a rapid analysis, expression and processing of the required information. Through the design workshop, we have a better understanding of the design strategy, expression, method and demonstration means of low-energy buildings.

In the first stage of the joint workshop (Hangzhou, China), Yang Yi, Dean of the School of Architectural Design, Zhejiang University, and the founder of the International Design Center (IDC) gave excellent lectures to teachers and students on the related contents. At the same time, he visited the Architectural Design Institute of Zhejiang University and made a field test on the energy-saving renovation project of the Institute of Architectural Design. Observe.

The second stage of the Joint Workshop (Lugano, Switzerland) continued the first stage of mixed student formation. During the workshop, SUPSI University teachers gave excellent lectures on urban construction, history, culture and climate characteristics in Switzerland, and led teachers and students to conduct field research. Based on the results of the first stage of work, the students simulated and analyzed the energy consumption of the design, and optimized the original design according to the simulation results. In the final reply, Marco Borradori, Mayor of Lugano, Cristina Zanini, MP and Engineer, Luca Colombo, President of Architectural College, Dario Galimberti, Swiss Federal Registered Architect Emanuele, Swiss Federal Registered Architect Marta Monti and Albert, Swiss Federal Registered Architect, were invited. O Bruno.

With the joint efforts of all of you, this year's Joint Workshop Teaching has been a success. Let's look forward to more wonderful results next year!

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