New ways of developing and selecting high-quality innovative talents-The second Academic Summer Camp of Zhejiang University brings to a successful close

To develop high-quality research-based innovative talents is the primary task, important goal and fundamental mission of contemporary universitys. To this end, Zhejiang University integrates internal and external teaching resources and makes the best of the advantages of various disciplines to explore a new model of developing, finding and selecting research-based innovative talents - Academic Summer Camp. Following the success of the first Academic Summer Camp in 2010, the second Academic Summer Camp of Zhejiang University was held smoothly at the lakefront of the beautiful West Lake in July and August 2011. Eight faculties of Zhejiang University, including School of Economics, School of Law, School of Health and Engineering, School of Animal Science, Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, School of Management, Department of Chemistry, Department of Physics, bade for the Academic Summer Camp. About 500 outstanding students that are at home and from abroad participated in it, and the vast majority of them were from 985 and 211 universitys. Graduate School and every faculty attached great importance to this summer camp and arranged plentiful substantial activities, including lectures given by masters as well as face to face exchange, case analysis as well as final paper discussion and debate, laboratory experience as well as communication with excellent graduate, visiting the History Museum as well as Zijinggang campus, night cruise on the West Lake as well as visiting schoolfellow鈥檚 companys, and so on. After all these colorful activities, campers harvested plentiful knowledge, enhanced the quality of their own, and let themselves know more about Zhejiang University, more about Hangzhou and Zhejiang. Most campers said the summer camp made them full of yearning and longings towards Zhejiang University and firmed their determination and confidence of continuing their study in Zhejiang University. The second summer camp achieved good results on the basis of the first one. It developed the academic research interest for advanced undergraduates, inspired the innovation and entrepreneurship for excellent graduates, provided them with the opportunities to have a closer look at elite university and the chances to know more about Zhejiang University, so they can make better choice on continuing their studies. The camp also further expanded the visibility of all faculties of Zhejiang University, broadened the channels of recruitment and attracted more qualified students. By the summer camp, all faculties discovered a group of high-quality research-based comprehensive talents who had the potential to develop academic scientific research ability. After a comprehensive assessment, a number of outstanding students were elected the 2010th graduate students of Zhejiang University without admission exam.

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