Vision & Mission

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A world-class university (with three essential qualities - comprehensive, research - intensive, and innovative) that will transform lives and improve China and the world.


To nurture future leaders and useful citizens with a global vision   and social responsibility;

To conduct interdisciplinary and innovative research that addresses   pressing challenges facing the world today;

To translate knowledge and creativity to benefit the local and global   communities.




Seeking Truth, Pursuing Innovation



The University logo   consists of two components: the round emblem and the wordmark.

The round emblem features   a flying eagle in the center, a ZJU mascot known as the ''qiushi eagle''. The   eagle symbolizes the University's tradition of seeking truth and pursuing   innovation, which has been inherited and further developed by the ZJU   community.

Normally, the wordmark   must always appear in conjunction with the emblem. If desired, the emblem may   be used alone (for instance, when space is limited).

Our signature color is 'truth-seeking blue' (CMYK: 100, 70, 0, 25; RGB: 0, 63,   136), which is supported by 'innovation red' (CMYK:   35, 100, 100, 0; RGB: 176, 31, 36).

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Seeking Truth, Pursuing Innovation.