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Students of ZJU were awarded 9 awards of RedDot
Date:2012-09-20 23:11   Access number:13544
Creativity changes life, creativity comes from life. The recently announced 2012 design concept Award of the Red Dot, selected 200 pieces of works from a total of 3672 from 56 countries all around the world. Nine awards, including SolarCarton and FoldingBoat,were awarded to the students of the Department of Industrial Design, School of Computer Science at Zhejiang University, which made ZJU one of the universities with the most awards. And Zhejiang University ranked the second in the world.
    Starting in Germany, Red Dot Award is recognized as one of the world's largest, highly acclaimed design competitions, known as “the Oscars of the design world”. So far, School of Computer Science Department of Industrial Design of Zhejiang University has won 81 awards of designing, including 22 awards of IF ,52 awards of Red Dot and 7 awards of IDEA .
1.red dot:best of the best
2.red dot
3.red dot
Title:Animal Ride
4. red dot
5.red dot
6.red dot
Title:Paper Pill
7.red dot
Title:Water Collecting Cover
8.red dot
Title:Webbed Gloves
9. red dot
Title:Aiding Cup