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Jan D. Achenbach Was Conferred Upon Honorary Doctor's Degree
Date:2011-09-07 00:12   Access number:11983

ZheJiang University Performed a ceremony to confer upon Jan D. Achenbach honorary doctor’s degree who is a professor of North-Western University in the U.S. and a master in International Engineering Science. President Yang moved the red tassels on Jan D. Achenbach’s doctorial hat and hand over to him the diploma of honorary doctor’s degree.
Born in August 1935 in the Netherlands, Professor Jan D. Achenbach early majored in aeronautical engineering of Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and later got the doctor’s degree of aerospace aeronautical in Stanford University and he is now the distinguished Professor of Walter P. Murphy and McCormick in the department of civil and mechanical engineering in North-Western University and the academician of academy of engineering, academy of science, and academy of arts and science. He made extraordinary contribution in solid mechanics and nondestructive examination and is the paramount authority in kymatology and technology of nondestructive examination. He once won the American national medal of technology and national medal of science and won many times the Timoshenko, William Prager and Theodore von Karman.
Jan D. Achenbach is after Shao Yifu, Cao Guangbiao, Kofi A.Annan, Qiu Chengtong, Zha Jimin and Juan Antonio Samaranch the seventh person who was conferred upon honorary doctor’s degree. He felt quite proud in his speeches of thanks and hoped to have a in-depth cooperation with ZJU. After that, he made a academic report entitled Riding the Waves for teachers and students.