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ZheJiang University Held School's Opening Ceremony for Graduates of 2011
Date:2011-09-05 00:12   Access number:10455

The school’s opening ceremony for graduates of 2011 was held on September 1st 2011, in ZJU. Jin  Deshui, Secretary of the Party committee delivered a talk entitled fulfilling lofty ambitions by innovative action where he pointed out that graduates of ZJU, when confronting utilitarianism, should keep an independent mind, hone their critical thinking, be ready to detect problems and be ready to challenge authorities and correct mistakes; they should take initiatives to plunge into social practice and go deep into the very front of enterprise-starting and innovating to find out social demand and their thesis should be truly concerned with the hopeful country and their academic achievement should contribute to the building of the whole country; they should actively integrate into the academic team and cultivate a spirit of teamwork; they should strictly avoid parochial prejudice and be open-minded to take in excellent results to promote cross-discipline study and excite creative inspirations.

Professor Bao Hujun, Deputy Chief of Faculty of Information in ZJU shared his years of reflections on the experience in tutoring graduates with everyone. He held that they should in the stage of graduate develop to the full their talent and excellence and find out as soon as possible their own study methodology and make a good map of the goal of life and profession as early as possible.

On the night of September 1st and September 2nd,, President Yang Wei made a report entitled academic ecology on cultivation of graduates where he proposed four elements in cultivating graduates, namely, academic framework, academic resource, academic norms and academic ecology, with particular elaboration on academic ecology, which he pointed out, includes ecology of innovation, ecology of harmony, ecology of honest and ecology of openness.

After the ceremony, there conducted a wonderful interaction between President Yang and the graduates.