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Zhejiang University and the University of Paris VI signed a cooperation agreement
Date:2011-09-23 23:11   Access number:10145
Wei Yang, president of Zhejiang University, and Jean-Charles Pomerol, president of the University of Paris VI, signed an agreement on cooperation in medicinal chemistry formally. "Medicinal Chemistry" has become the vanguard area in the cooperation. The two schools will also cooperate in the fields of mathematics and medicine according to the intention.
The University of Paris VI, known as the University of Pierre and Marie Curie, is the main successor of science teachers from University of Sciences in Paris and the University of Paris. As one of European top universities, in terms of "the number of alumni and faculties who won a Nobel Prize," "the number of alumni and faculties who won the Fields Medal", " the number of SCI papers published," and many other data, the University of Paris VI ranks thirtieth to fiftieth among the top schools in the world and ranks first in France every year.
The two sides hope to establish a broad partnership and promote exchanges and cooperation in different disciplines, in order to achieve win-win development and upgrade high-level training standards and academic status.