ZJU's Graduate Programs in Foreign Language and Literature Graded ''Excellent'' in Recent International Evaluation

On March 20, an international evaluation meeting for graduate programs in the discipline of Foreign Language and Literature was carried out in No. 5 East Teaching Building.

The panel, led by Prof. Jonathan Webster, Professor in linguistics in the Department of Linguistics and Translation at City University of Hong Kong, is composed of Professors of high repute in the discipline. The panel included Prof. Wolfgang Teubert, Emeritus Professor in Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics at University of Birmingham, Prof. Galin Tihanov from Queen Mary University of London, Prof. Li Defeng, Director of the Cognitive Research Center for Translation at University of Macau, Prof. Kay L. O'Halloran from Curtin University, a renowned scholar in the field of multimodal analysis. After a close-door meeting, experts reached a consensus that the evaluation result was ''excellent''.

At nine o'clock in the morning, Prof. Cheng Le, Vice Dean of School of International Studies declared that the Evaluation meeting started. Prof. Ye Gongyin, Vice Dean of Graduate School of Zhejiang University, delivered an English speech and issued the letters of appointment of experts to the expert group. Prof. Cheng Gong, Dean of School of International Studies, reported to the panel the basic situation of the discipline of Foreign Language and Literature. The report introduces the current situation and achievements of the discipline from the aspects of history and discipline development, research, talent and student cultivation.

Afterwards the experts visited the laboratories and attended several classes. At half past two p.m., experts, faculty and student representatives gathered together for an informal discussion.  The teachers and students talked about their own experience of discipline team construction, faculty, teaching equipment, student cultivation, academic exchange, research and learning experience. They also carefully answered the questions raised by the experts and listened to experts' feedback. Subsequently, the expert group conducted a close-door panel meeting and formed the final evaluation result.

At half past four p.m., the closing ceremony  was held in Room 201 in No. 5 East Teaching Building. Present at the meeting were Prof. Ren Shaobo, the Executive Vice President, Prof. Cheng Gong, Dean of School of International Studies, Prof. Chu Chaofu, Secretary of the Party committee of School of International Studies, Prof. Fangfan, Vice Dean of School of International Studies, Prof. Cheng Le, Prof. He Lianzhen, person in charge of secondary discipline, Prof. Fan Jieping, Prof Hao Tianhu, Assistant Dean, teachers and student representatives.

On behalf of the expert group, Prof. Jonathan Webster, the leader of the expert group declared that the postgraduate program in foreign language and literature reached ''excellent'' standard and had great development prospects. Then experts also put forward valuable constructive suggestions for the future development of the discipline. Finally, Prof. Ren Shaobo, the Executive Vice President expressed his heartfelt gratitude to experts for accepting the invitation to take part in the international evaluation and for their full recognition of the discipline. Prof. Zheng hoped that experts would continue to support and pay attention to the development of the discipline of foreign language and literature. At the same time, he fully affirmed the outstanding achievements of the discipline in recent years, and hoped that the School of International Studies would carefully study and fully absorb the opinions and suggestions made by the expert group and reflect them in the planning of the future development. He expressed his hope that the college would give full play to the advantages of the discipline and become the leader of the international construction of Zhejiang University in all aspects of international construction, including talent cultivation, teaching team construction, academic research and so on.

This is the first time that the international experts have made international evaluation on discipline of foreign language literature of Zhejiang University.

This evaluation is highly instrumental to the construction of the discipline and the promotion of international fame. The School of International Studies did a lot of preparations for the international evaluation and the warm reception got a favorable notice from the expert group.


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