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ZJU's Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics Graduate Programs Reached ''Exceptionally High Level''
Date:2018-04-11 17:05   Access number:310

A panel of 5 distinguished experts made a thorough evaluation of Zhejiang University's postgraduate program in power engineering & engineering thermophysics on March 24-26, 2018.


The panel was headed by Prof. Stefan Ostlund, Vice President at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Also on the panel of experts were Prof. Jens-Uwe Repke with the Technical University of Berlin (Technische Universitat Berlin), Prof. John Pfotenhauer with the University of Wisconsin - Madison, Prof. Kostya Ostrikov with Queensland University of Technology and Prof. Ronald Wennersten, former dean of the Department of Industrial Ecology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and an expert recruited through ''the Recruitment Program of Global Experts''. Ms. He Yingfang, International Coordinator at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, acted as secretary to this evaluation meeting.


At the opening ceremony, Prof. Ye Gongyin and Prof. Gao Xiang, Dean of the College of Energy Engineering, delivered welcome addresses on behalf of the university and the college respectively. Prof. Bo Zheng briefed the panel of experts on the past, present and future of the postgraduate program from different angles. Experts poured high praise on the disciplinary construction of the college and requested more detailed information on the dual-supervisor system, eminent alumni, admissions policies and assessment of doctoral candidates. 

The panel formulated a comprehensive evaluation report after deliberating on the self-evaluation report of the postgraduate program, hearing special reports, visiting laboratories, conducting an informal meeting with faculty and students and holding two close-door discussions. 


At the closing ceremony, Prof. Stefan Ostlund presented the evaluation report. The panel gave full credit for the achievements that the postgraduate program for power engineering and engineering thermophysics has made in the past and spoke highly of the construction of the discipline. Experts concluded that the postgraduate program made impressive contributions in terms of catering to domestic and international demands, solving global energy and environmental problems, implementing different cultivation schemes, adopting the team-supervisor system and cultivating elite talents.

The panel of experts reached a consensus that the postgraduate program for power engineering and engineering thermophysics reached the ''exceptionally high level'' in accordance with either domestic or international standards. Meanwhile, the ''multi-level, multi-dimensional and whole-process'' talent cultivation mode applied to both Chinese and international students.


Prof. Yan Jianhua expressed his heartfelt gratitude to experts and expressed his hope that the College of Energy Engineering would act on these suggestions and move up the ladder. Prof. Cen Kefa looked forward to cementing ties with overseas universities. Prof. Jin Tao stated that the College of Energy Engineering would delve into its own flaws and capitalize on its assets, thereby attainting the goal of building a world-class discipline.

This international evaluation work is a far-flung assessment of the postgraduate program and is highly instrumental to the construction of the discipline and the promotion of international fame. The ''outstanding'' tag by international experts will act as a driving force for more remarkable efforts to fulfill the goal of building a world-class discipline.