Students of ZJU were awarded 9 awards of RedDot
  Seventh "Global Manufacturing and China" International Conference held in Hangzhou Chinese and foreign experts discuss China’s Manufacturing industry under the new era in Zhejiang University
  Promote Intangible Cultural Heritage and show charm of youth
  A World-ClassLiver Disease Center Jointly Established by the First Affiliated Hospital of School of Medicine Zhejiang University and UCLA Medical Center
  Sino-German "Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer Incidence" study launched in Zhejiang University
  Jan D. Achenbach Was Conferred Upon Honorary Doctor's Degree
  ZheJiang University Held School's Opening Ceremony for Graduates of 2011
  New ways of developing and selecting high-quality innovative talents-The second Academic Summer Camp of Zhejiang University brings to a successful close
  Zhejiang University and the University of Paris VI signed a cooperation agreement
  Kun Zhou: "Ants" challenging "Superman", from legend to reality
  Musical dialogue across the Pacific Start of China Tour of University of Michigan Symphony Orchestra successfully held in Zhejiang University
  One hundred technical experts serving one hundred technical companies Zhejiang University and Yuhang District started the "Double-Hundred Project"
  "To Read Zhejiang With Pleasure" foreign students reading activities start
  The Forbidden City Research Center founded in Zhejiang University
  5th School of Seeking Tutors held in Zhejiang University 3 scholars talking about graduate education
  Seminar of higher education cooperation between China and Germany has opened
  XiaogangPeng and alumni BangLinChen were recognized as the world's top 100 chemists
  The 18th DMB (Climb) Festival is Opening To be erudite, seek the truth, have the responsibility and cooperate with others
  Bionic bone made by Zhejiang University
  Ten projects of Zhejiang University won the National Science and Technology Awards
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