Agricultural Engineering

The Agricultural mechanization discipline was first divided from machinery faculty of Zhejiang University in 1958, and Agricultural engineering was then established. It was authorized the rights to award doctorate degree in 2000. The agricultural engineering science was among the national top level doctorate degree program and related postdoctoral program was set. The related lab of Agricultural Biological Environmental Engineering and Intelligent Equipmentis Key lab of Ministry of AgricultureThe agricultural engineering is Key discipline of “211 Engineering” and “985 Engineerong” of Ministry of Education.

A preeminent faculty propels the agricultural mechanization science to be one of the best in China, this academic group includes 14 professors, of which 13 are doctor tutors, 19 associate professors, 37 personnel have doctorate degrees. Among this, 1 scholar was awarded as “Changjiang Scholar of Ministry of Education”, 2 scholar was awarded Zhejiang university`s “qiushi” professor,  2 were enrolled in”national academic talents program”, 1 was conferredexcellent young teacher by ministry of education, 3 were enrolled innew century talented people program of ministry of education.

Agricultural mechanization engineering was devoted to the areas of intelligentized, digitalized agricultural equipment and technology of South China, and established its specific and superiority in the field of: (1) technology and equipment of farm product quality control& safety inspection; (2) digital agricultural, agricultural information technology and equipment; (3) rice farming mechanization equipment of South China; (4) farm product post-processing and bio-material utilization technology & equipment;  (5) Greenhouse agricultural machine and automatization. The project: The technology and equipment of intelligentized & real-time detecting and grading of fruit quality based on computer vision was awarded “The Second Prizes of National Technical Innovation ”(2008), The project: Development of Orientating & Rapid Measuring and Test Instruments of Soil Nutrients was awarded “The First Prize of Science and Technology in Zhejiang Province”(2008), The project: Research and Industrialization of Seedling Production Line in Installation Horticulture was awarded “The Second Prize of Science and Technology in Zhejiang Province”(2009), The project: Multiple Disciplines Integration, Internationalization Expanding —— the Practice of Creating and Composite Innovative Personnel of Bio-systems Engineering Discipline was award “the First Prize of National Teaching Achievements in the Sixth High Education”(2009).

 In the period of the nationalthe twelfth-five projects, Agricultural mechanization engineering would continually advance to rank among the top level, in an effort to better serve the native  modern agricultural development and requirement. Seeking knowledge, innovation, it will be endeavored into a top-ranking science both domestically and worldwide.




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